Rosanjin Kitaoji Special Exhibition - Plates -

Rosanjin Kitaoji Special Exhibition - Plates -

Date: April 1 - April 27 (Closed on Mondays)

In this month, we are showing various plates by Rosanjin Kitaoji on the 3rd floor.

Rosanjin opened a members-only restaurant in 1925.
The restaurant soon became very popular with his sophisticated sense and unique ideas.
He produced a number of plates for serving dishes at the restaurant. There are various types and shapes created by him. We can call some of them as masterpieces.

We hope you enjoy the world of Rosanjin.


Rosanjin Kitaoji / Square plate, Shino type


Rosanjin Kitaoji 北大路 魯山人

1883 Born in Shimogamo Kitaoji, Kyoto.

1907 Began his career as a calligrapher in Tokyo.

1916 Wandered around Korea, China, Shiga, Fukui, and Kanazawa.
         Returned to Kyoto.

1919 Opened his antique shop in Tokyo.

1921 Began ‘Bishoku club’ (Gourmet’s club) which serves his food with his

1925 Began ‘Hoshigaoka Saryo’. (Members-only restaurant)

1928 Built ‘Hoshigaoka kiln’ in Kamakura for producing dishes used in the
         restaurant. His reputation rose as his works exhibited in department
         stores and the restaurant.

1935 Started focusing on producing ceramics.

1936 Left the management of the restaurant. 

1937 The first exhibition of his new works held at Ginza Kuroda Touen.

1939 The Hoshigaoka kiln was blisk holding about 50 staff around this year. 

1942 Evacuation in Ishikawa prefecture. Produced lacquer ware there.

1954 Held a solo exhibition in New York, invited by Rockefeller
Visited U.S. and Europe. 

1955 Declined certification of a living national treasure.

1956 Actively held exhibitions in Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagoya.

1959 Passed away at the age of 77.