Tatsuo Okura - Urushi -

Tatsuo Okura - Urushi -

Date: September 30 - October 5, 2017 (Closed on October 2)




Sake cup, Negoro painting
Curved board, Negoro painting, Moon shape




Tatsuo OKURA   大藏 達雄

1952  Born in Minamikiso, Nagano prefecture.

1972  Entered in Craft and industrial course at Tokyo designer gakuin college.
     Apprenticed to the second generation of Jihei Murase.

1976  Back in Minamikiso. Became an wood turner, which is his family business.

1982  Built a studio in Shizuoka prefecture. Started Negoro painting.

2003  The first solo Exhibition at Ginza Kuroda Touen.
    (every year onwards)