Special  Exhibition - Finest pieces of all times
Toyo Kaneshige: Water-dropper, Bizen type, [Cat]

Special Exhibition - Finest pieces of all times

Date: November 18 - November 23, 2017 (Closed on November 20 )
Floor: 2F


 During this exhibition, we are showing our collection of finest works from the Showa period - 20th Century.


Many of finest works with full of artists' passion can attract people from all times. Even though the world has dramatically changed, there are things which have not changed.


The works we have collected are very special and we are sure they will be appreciated in the future too.


Denchu Hirakushi : 'Daikokuten' - Curved wood with painting



We are showing very selected works by.....


Rosanjin Kitaoji

Juzo Kagoshima

Shoji Kamoda

Mineo Okabe

Toyozo Arakawa

Munemaro Ishiguro

Hazan Itaya

Tokuro Kato

Toyo Kaneshige

Sozan Kaneshige

Kanjiro Kawai

Handeishi Kawakita

Chikushun Kawase

Kenkichi Tomimoto

Shoji Hamada

Denchu Hirakushi

Kei Fujiwara

Kazuo Yagi



We hope you enjoy the exhibition.


We are showing another special exhibition of Kanjiro Kawai and Shoji Hamada on the 3rd floor too.