Jumpei Kaneshige - BIZEN -
Sake bottles

Jumpei Kaneshige - BIZEN -

Date: January 13 - January 18, 2018 (Closed on January 15)
Floor: 2F



Jumpei Kaneshige : Flower vase with ears, Bizen type




Jumpei Kaneshige : Tea bowl, Bizen type


Jumpei Kaneshige : Sake cups




Jumpei KANESHIGE  金重 潤平

1972 Born in Bizen, Okayama prefecture.
           The first son of Kosuke Kaneshige.
           A grand son of Toyo Kaneshige.

1994 Graduated from Waseda University, School of Humanities and Social sciences.

2000 Completed a master course of Sculpture at Long Island University.

2013 Solo exhibition at Ginza Kuroda Touen. (every year onwards)