Yasushi Oketani  - Yohen Tenmoku -
Yohen Tenmoku Tea bowl

Yasushi Oketani - Yohen Tenmoku -

Date: November 4 - November 9, 2017 (Closed on November 6 )
Floor: 2F



Yasushi Oketani : Yohen Tenmoku Tea bowl  (2017)



We are holding an exhibition of Yasushi Oketani, who is known as one of the best makers of Yohen tenmoku tea bowls.


Yohen (変) is originally thought to be Yohen (変-different kanji) which means 'Changes in a kiln'.


The beautiful oil spots come out in a kiln in a very special condition, and when he miss a certain timing, color of tea bowls become black.


He only relies on his experiences and contingency to get a perfect Yohen.


He could get only 1-2 perfect Yohen Tenmoku tea bowls a year.



This year, he finally succeeded in producing long-awaited Yohen Tenmoku Sake cups.



 Yasushi Oketani: Yohen Tenmoku Sake cup





Yasushi Oketani : Yohen Tenmoku Sake cup
Chikushun Kawase : Sake bottle, Red painting type








We hope you enjoy the exhibition.





Yasushi OKETANI   桶谷 寧

1968 Born in Kyoto, Kyoto prefecture.

1990 Graduated from a faculty of engineering, Kansai University.

1992 Graduated from Kyoto Municipal Technical Research Institute.

2001 Succeeded in producing Yohen Temmoku tea bowl for the first time.

2003 The first solo exhibition at Ginza Kuroda Touen.
         (every year onwards)