Special exhibition - Figure -
Shindo Tsuji : [ Saigyo (a Japanese monk) ] , Ceramic sculpture

Special exhibition - Figure -

Date: October 28 - November 2, 2017 (Closed on October 30 )


During this special exhibition, we are showing various types of figures which were made of ceramic, wood and other materials.

Human-shaped figures have been appreciated as objects of veneration and admiration from the ancient period.

We are focusing on Modern and Contemporary artists' figures this time.

We hope you enjoy the exhibition.

List of artists...

Munemaro Ishiguro

Juzo Kagoshima

Ryuichi Kakurezaki

Ryoji Koie

Shindo Tsuji

Denchu Hirakushi

Satoshi Yabuuchi



Juzo Kagoshima: Ceramic sculpture covered by washi with painting