Osamu Suzuki A set of sake cups

h3.9×w6.2cm      1994      with a signed box      Sold

Osamu Suzuki: A set of sake cups

Osamu Suzuki  鈴木 

1926 Born in Higashiyama, Kyoto.
1948 Established ‘Sodeisha’ with Kazuo Yagi, Hikaru Yamada, and others.
1960 Awarded by the Japanese Ceramic Society.
1962 Won a gold award at International Ceramic Exhibition in Prague.
1984 Awarded a gold prize of Japanese Ceramics Society.
1987 Received the Kyoto cultural award.
1988 The 40th Anniversary exhibition of Sodeisha at Isetan department store, Shinjuku.
1992 Retired from the faculty of Fine arts, Kyoto city university of Arts.
2001 Passed away at the age of 75.

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