Rokubei Kiyomizu vi Sake cup, Japanese apricot design

h7.2×w7.5cm      with a signed box      Sold

Rokubei Kiyomizu vi: Sake cup, Japanese apricot design

Rokubei Kiyomizu  六世 清水 六兵衛

1901 Born in Higashiyama, Kyoto.
1920 Graduated from the Department of Painting of Kyoto City School of Arts and Crafts.
1925 Began ceramics as an assistant for his father, Rokubei Ⅴ.
1945 Succession to the name.
1962 Became a member of the Japan Art Academy.
1970 Named a Person of Cultural Merits by Kyoto prefecture.
1976 Became a Person of Cultural Merits.
1980 Passed away at the age of 79.

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