Yuzo Kondo  Sake cup, Sometsuke and gold painting


Yuzo Kondo: Sake cup, Sometsuke and gold painting

Yuzo Kondo  近藤 悠三

1902 Born in Kyoto.
1917 Worked in Kyoto Ceramic Experimental Station Attached Training Center.
1924 Began producing works at Kiyomizu-zaka in Kyoto.
1928 Accepted at Imperial Academy art exhibition.
1955 Became a president of the department of ceramics, Japan Arts Crafts Association.
1969 Became a president of Kyoto city university of Arts.
1970 Received a Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon.
1974 Received a Merit Award of Arts and Crafts from Kyoto prefecture.
1977 Designated a Living National Treasure.
1985 Passed away at the age of 83.

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