Yaichi Kusube  Sake cup, Celdon, two fishes design

Yaichi Kusube: Sake cup, Celdon, two fishes design

Yaichi Kusube 楠部 彌弌

1897 Born in Higashiyama, Kyoto prefecture.
1912 Entered Kyoto Ceramic Experimental Station Attached Training Center.
1918 Began ceramics in Sanjo, Kyoto.
1920 Organized a group of ceramists, ‘Aka tsuchi sha’.
1924 Awarded at the Paris Universal Exposition.
1927 Awarded his first prize at Teiten.
1937 Completed ‘Saien’ technique.
1938 Moved to Okazaki, Kyoto prefecture.
1962 Became a member of the Japan Art Academy.
1965 Moved to Yamashina, Kyoto.
1972 Designated as a person of cultural merits by Kyoto city.
1978 Received the Order of Cultural Merit.
1984 Passed away at the age of 87.

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