Fujio Koyama Sake cup, Hagi type

h3.1×w7.2cm      with signed box      Sold

Fujio Koyama: Sake cup, Hagi type

Fujio Koyama 小山 冨士夫

1900 Born in Kurashiki, Okayama prefecture.
1920 Entered Hitotsubashi University.
1925 Moved to Seto. Started learning ceramics.
1927 Aspired to be a ceramic artist.
1932 Became an editorial staff for a journal of antique porcelain.
1933 Became an investigator of important art pieces, commissioned by the ministry of education. 
1946 Japanese ceramic society was established. Became a director.
1952 Worked for a section of intangible culture in a committee of cultural protection.
1961 Resigned from his position.
1966 Built his kiln in Kamakura, restarted producing ceramics.
1967 Became a director of Japan Art Crafts association.
1973 Moved to Toki, Gifu prefecture. Built ‘Hananoki Kiln’.
1975 Passed away at the age of 75.

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