Toyozo Arakawa Toyozo Arakawa: Square plate, Wild goose design

h3.0×w21.4cm      with a signed box      Sold

Toyozo Arakawa: Square plate, Wild goose design

Toyozo Arakawa 荒川豊蔵

1894 Born in Tajimi, Gifu prefecture.
1922 Moved to Kyoto. Met Rosanjin Kitaoji.
1927 Moved to Kamakura. Worked at Rosanjin’s Hoshigaoka Kiln.
1933 Quit Hoshigaoka Kiln. Moved to Mutabora in Mino Ogaya, Gifu prefecture, and built his studio.
1941 The first solo exhibition held at Umeda Hankyu department store. (Curated by Ginza Kuroda Touen)
1946 Built Suigetsu kiln in Tajimi.
1955 Designated the Living national treasure.
1971 Received the Order of Cultural Merit.
1977 Published a collection of essays.
1985 Passed away at the age of 91.

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