Koichi Tamura Small lidded jar, Flower design

h11.7×w12.1cm      with a signed box      Sold

Koichi Tamura: Small lidded jar, Flower design

Koichi Tamura   田村 耕一

1918 Born in Sano, Tochigi.
1941 Graduated from the department of Designs of Tokyo University of Arts.
1946 Studied under Kenkichi Tomimoto.
1949 Returned home and began ceramics.
1960 Accepted for Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition.
1968 Became an Executive Director of Nihon Kogei-kai.
1976 Won a gold award at Japan ceramic association.
1977 Became a professor of Faculty of Fine Arts of Tokyo University of Arts.
1980 Became a president of the department of ceramics, Japan Arts Crafts Association.
1983 Received a Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon.
1985 Solo exhibition at Ginza Kuroda Touen.
1986 Designated a Living National Treasure.
1987 Passed away at the age of 68.

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