Munemaro Ishiguro Small Jar, Black on white glaze, straw‐rope pattern

h12.3×w8.9cm   with a signed box

Munemaro Ishiguro: Small Jar, Black on white glaze, straw‐rope pattern

Munemaro Ishiguro  石黒宗麿
1893 Born in Shinminato, Toyama prefecture.
1918 Impressed by the National treasure, Yohen Tenmoku tea bowl.
         Aspired to be a ceramist.
1919 Began ceramics in Tokyo. Moved around Japan several times.
1927 Moved to Higashiyama Jagadani, Kyoto prefecture.
         Met Fujio Koyama, who would become a sworn friend afterwards.
1935 Built a studio in Yase Rakuhoku, Kyoto.
1937 Won a Silver prize at the Paris Universal Exposition.
1941 The first exhibition at Ginza Kuroda Touen.
1955 Designated as a Living National Treasure.
         Organized ‘Nihon Kogei Kai’ (the Japan Art Crafts Association) with
         Toyozo Arakawa and Tokuro Kato.
1963 Received Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon.
1968 Passed away at the age of 75.

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