Shoji Kamoda Tea cup, Saishoku type

h8.5×w7.0cm      1971      with a signed box

Shoji Kamoda: Tea cup, Saishoku type

Shoji Kamoda
 加守田 章二

1933 Born in Kishiwada, Osaka prefecture.

1952 Entered the department of ceramics in Kyoto City University of Arts.

1956 Graduated from the university. Moved to Hitachi, Ibaraki prefecture.

1959 Moved to Mashiko, Tochigi prefecture.

1962 Began producing ash glaze type by Anagama kiln.

1965 Ash glaze type gained attention.

1966 Awarded by the Japanese Ceramic Society. 

1969 Moved to Tono, Iwate prefecture. 

1970 Showed [Kyokusen Chomon, Curving design] for the first time.

1971 Showed [Saishoku, Colored design] for the first time.

1974 Exhibition of [Toban, ceramic board] at Ginza Kuroda Touen. (every year onwards)

1979 Moved to Higashi Kurume, Tokyo.

1983 Passed away at the age of 49.

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