Guro Kamiguchi Tea bowl, Ido type

h9.4×w14.1cm      1964      with a signed box      Sold

Guro Kamiguchi: Tea bowl, Ido type

Guro Kamiguchi 上口 愚朗

1892 Born in Tokyo.
1908 Worked for a bespoke tailor for Imperial Household Ministry.
1918 Opened a clothing store in Yanaka, Tokyo. Gained a great reputation as the best tailor in Japan. He had clients from political and business worlds, and people of culture. Rosanjin, Shoji Hamada, Munemaro Ishiguro were a part of them.
1925 Started collecting antiques.
1938 One of the clients, Handeishi Kawakita suggested him to make ceramics.
1945 Closed the store under the war.
1946 Aspired to be a ceramic artist. Built a studio.
1949 Built friendship with Taikan Yokoyama.
1952 The first solo exhibition at Ginza Kuroda Touen. (1953)
1954 Solo exhibition at Takashimaya department store in Nihombashi.
1955 Solo exhibition at Daimaru in Tokyo. (1956, 1957)
1957 Accepted for Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition. Actively submitted writings about ceramic antiques for publications.
1962 Solo exhibition at Mitsukoshi department store in Nihombashi. (Every year onwards)
1969 Jian Matsunaga bought his Ido tea bowl at the solo exhibition at Mitsukoshi.
1970 Passed away at the age of 78.

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