Kyuwa Miwa Sake cup, Hagi type

H5.1×W6.1cm   around 1970   with a signed box

Kyuwa Miwa: Sake cup, Hagi type

Kyuwa Miwa  三輪 休和

1896 Born in Hagi, Yamaguchi prefecture. The second son of Setsudo Miwa Ⅸ.
1910 Began ceramics as family business.
1927 Succeeded to the name of Kyusetsu Ⅹ.
1942 Associated with Handeishi Kawakita.
1967 Handed the reigns of the family over to the younger brother, Setsuo.
         Named himself as Kyuwa.
1970 Designated as a Living National Treasure.
1977 Passed away at the age of 86.

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