Mineo Okabe Sake Cup, Ash glaze

h5.6×w7.4cm   with a signed box   Sold

Mineo Okabe : Sake cup, Ash glaze

Mineo OKABE  岡部 嶺男

1919 Born in Seto, Aichi prefecture.
1937 Graduated from Seto Ceramic High School.
1938 Entered into Tokyo University of Science. 
1940 Dropped out from the university. Entered into the army of inner Mongolia. 
1947 Demobilization from the army.
         Settled in Hiradobashi, Aichi. (current Toyota city)
1949 Independently began ceramics in Hiradobashi. Married to Tatsuko.
1955 Received the award of the Japanese Ceramics Society at the first time.
1963 Started focusing on researching celadon. Moved to Nisshin, Aichi.
1965 Succeeded in producing 'Funseiji' (粉青瓷) Powdery Celadon. 
    Received Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon.
1969 Dedication of a set of Celadon vases to Umenoma room of Imperial
         Household Agency.
1970 Succeeded in producing Yohen Beishokuji. (窯変米色瓷)
1978 Hospitalization by cerebral hemorrhage.
         Changed his sir name from Kato to Okabe.
1989 Exhibition of new works from recovery at Matsuzakaya department store
         in Nagoya.
1990 Passed away at the age of 70. 
2011 Retrospective exhibition [Destiny] at Ginza Kuroda Touen.

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