Kanjiro Kawai Tea bowl, Three-colored type

H8.2×W15.1cm with a signed box 1960s [Sold]

Kanjiro Kawai : Tea bowl, Three colored type

Kanjiro Kawai 河井 寛次郎

1890 Born in Aki city, Shimane prefecture.
1914 Completed ceramic industrial course at current Tokyo Institute of
      Worked at Kyoto research institute for ceramics.
1920 Began ceramics at Gojozaka in Kyoto.
          Named his studio as 'Shokeiyo' (Shokei kiln)
          Produced pieces which got ideas from Chinese wares.
1922 Gained a great reputation after a solo exhibition in Tokyo.  
1924 Influenced by slipwares.  
1926 Involved with Mingei movement with Soetsu Yanagi and Shoji Hamada.
          Produced pieces of simple form with unique design. 
1937 Won a Grand prix at the Paris Universal Exposition. 
1949 More crative pieces were produced afterwards. 
1966 Passed away at the age of 76.

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