Shoji Kamoda  Vase

w19.8×h17.8cm 1968 with a signed box

Shoji Kamoda : Vase

Shoji Kamoda : Stoneware Jar

After ten years of working in Mashiko, Tochigi, Mr. Shoji Kamoda set up a new studio in Tono, Iwate, in 1969 and began working there.

This piece is a vase that was made in Mashiko just before he moved to Tono.
During the construction of the new studio, he brought back local clay from Tono and formed and fired it by hand at his studio in Mashiko.

Stoneware is a word that means "pottery with a tempered finish," and Mr. Kamoda liked to use this word in his works during this period at the end of the 1960s.
The surface of the vessel, made of coarse Tono clay containing many small and large grains of sand and fired without glaze, is beautiful and neat.

There is a carved signature on the base.



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