Handeishi Kawakita Tea bowl, Gray shino type, 'Kilns'

h8.2×w14.2cm   with a signed box   Sold

Handeishi Kawakita: Tea bowl, Gray shino type, 'Kilns'

Handeishi Kawakita  川喜田 半泥子

1878 Born in Osaka prefecture. 
1879 Succeeded to the name of Kyudayu Masanori.
1903 Became the director of the Hyakugo bank.
1910 Became a member of Mie prefectural assembly.
1912 Began ceramics as hobby.
1919 Became the first president of the Hyakugo bank.
1925 Built a studio in Tsu, Mie prefecture. Started focusing on making ceramics.
1934 Named the studio as ‘Deibutsu do’ and used it as his pen-name too.
1942 Organized ‘Karahine kai’, and lead and coached Toyo Kaneshige, Kyuwa Miwa,
         and Toyozo Arakawa. 
1946 Moved to Hironaga, and built a ceramic studio called ‘Hironaga Touen’.
1957 Published a catalogue cerebrating 80 years old.
1963 Passed away at the age of 84.

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