Handeishi Kawakita Tea bowl

h8.2×w10.7cm 1940' with a signed box Sold

Handeishi Kawakita: Tea bowl

Handeishi Kawakita  川喜田 半泥子

1878 Born in Osaka prefecture. 
1879 Succeeded to the name of Kyudayu Masanori.
1903 Became the director of the Hyakugo bank.
1910 Became a member of Mie prefectural assembly.
1912 Began ceramics as hobby.
1919 Became the first president of the Hyakugo bank.
1925 Built a studio in Tsu, Mie prefecture. Started focusing on making ceramics.
1934 Named the studio as ‘Deibutsu do’ and used it as his pen-name too.
1942 Organized ‘Karahine kai’, and lead and coached Toyo Kaneshige, Kyuwa Miwa,
         and Toyozo Arakawa. 
1946 Moved to Hironaga, and built a ceramic studio called ‘Hironaga Touen’.
1957 Published a catalogue cerebrating 80 years old.
1963 Passed away at the age of 84.

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