Tokuro Kato Sake cup

h4.8×w6.7cm 1970' with a signed box Sold

Tokuro Kato: Sake cup

Tokuro Kato  加藤 唐九郎

1898 Born in Seto, Aichi prefecture.
1914 Began involving with ceramic industry.
1933 Published an essay, ‘Kiseto’.
1934 Published ‘Ceramics dictionary’
1935 Moved to Nagoya, Aichi.
1950 Solo exhibition ‘Seto-guro tea bowls’ at Ginza Kuroda Touen.
1954 Joined Tori-kai.
1955 Organized Nihon Kogei Kai’ (the Japan Art Crafts Association.) with Toyozo Arakawa and Munemaro Ishiguro.
1960 ‘Einin no tsubo’ scandal
1964 Solo exhibition – Commemoration of Tokyo Olympics-
1972 Published ‘Genshoku ceramic dictionary’.
1982 The last solo exhibition ‘The world of Tokuro Kato’.
1985 Passed away at the age of 87.

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